For more than two decades, Philips Zoom in-chair whitening has been the safest method for teeth whitening. Research has shown it to produce the best results and patient satisfaction. The system meets the European Union regulations on teeth whitening.

Various upgrades for both the Zoom Light and Gel have continually been introduced with the most recent being Zoom Whitespeed [ZOOM! 4] system which gives excellent results and benefits over the previous formulation.

At Art Dentistry Maadi we are proud to use the latest ZOOM! 4 system to offer our patients the most advanced whitening treatment for a beautiful smile.

The dazzling results are achieved in one appointment with 3-4 x 15 minute in-chair applications, using the Zoom power light to activate the Zoom gel.


Teeth Whitening

Your Brightest Teeth by Tonight!
A bright, dazzling smile can light up any room and make people stop and take notice.

Zoom teeth whitening uses powerful, yet gentle, light energy to whiten your teeth in just one hour, while you relax and watch a great movie on DVD! It’s an easy way to improve your overall appearance and enjoy the smile you’ve always wanted.

Relax and Whiten at the Same Time

Whitening teeth is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments to improve and invigorate a smile. The Zoom procedure brightens your smile in one quick office visit, often making the color of your teeth many shades lighter.

Standing to benefit from this state-of-the-art tooth whitening system are teeth that are stained from wear and tear over time as well as teeth that are discolored from the effects of certain beverages and foods (red wine, coffee and tea are the most common culprits).

It’s such an exciting dental visit that you will not be able to wait to tell your family and friends how easy it was. Usually, our patients relax, kick back and watch a movie on our DVD player. Some listen to their favorite music while they wait for their whiter, brighter smile.

Actual Patient Result at ART DENTISTRY MAADI

Case by: Dr. Islam Shalash

One of our dearest patients arrived at ART DENTISTRY MAADI asking for Laminate veneers as she felt that her teeth didn’t look nice. After examination, she was advised that her teeth looked naturally nice in shape and that it was the yellowish colour that was masking their beauty.

Zoom4! Teeth Whitening was performed to show the beauty of her natural smile!

Please move the slider to the left and right to see before and after pictures!

 How is tooth whitening performed? 

1Patients meet with the doctor to review the procedure and talk about the results they can expect for their smile.
2Patients relax in our Zoom suite while our technician takes “before” photos to record the original color of the teeth.

Zoom Whitening

3The doctor applies a special gel to protect the gum tissue. A special bleaching gel is applied on the teeth that will react with the special blue light to lighten the color of the teeth. The doctor then reapplies bleaching gel to the teeth every 15 minutes for about an hour—until the session is complete.
4The doctor removes protective gel from the gums and removes bleaching gel from the teeth.
5The doctor snaps a photo of the newly lightened teeth.The doctor presents before-and-after photos to the patient to view the results with the doctor.
6You admire your whiter, brighter teeth!

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Our dentists and dental staff have decades of combined experience and are excited to give you the smile you’ve always dreamed about having! To learn more about the amazing

Zoom teeth whitening procedure is available in Maadi and Cairo region at Art Dentistry Maadi.

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Patients with dark yellow or brown stains as a result of eating deeply colored foods that stain and smoking.
About an hour.
Six months to two years.
Very affordable.
Look and feel younger and more attractive
Increase self-confidence
No harmful side effects for your teeth