Orthodontics is a specialist branch of dentistry that involves moving and straightening the teeth in order to improve their appearance and the bite. In some cases facial appearance may also be improved by Orthodontic treatment.

Why have Orthodontic Treatment?


  • Many people have crowded, crooked and unsightly teeth and are unhappy with their appearance.
  • Teeth that are very prominent are more likely to be damaged accidentally
  • Teeth that are out of position can lead to abnormal bite patterns and jaw relationships putting strain on the jaw joints and associated muscles.
  • Teeth that are very crowded may be difficult to keep clean and may increase the risk of gum disease or tooth decay.
  • Unerupted or impacted teeth due to crowding or any other reason can occasionally damage other teeth or their root.


Orthodontics is an extremly conservative way to improve general appearance

Dental Health

Crowded teeth can cause food to be impacted between them. This will lead to gum irritation and caries. Correcting tooth alignment using Orthodontic treatment prevents these problems and promotes oral health.

Dental Function

Teeth that are not aligned properly are unable to chew food. Moreover they may affect speach as a lot of the sounds produced by our mouths pass through our teeth first. Orthodontic treatment will restore tooth function to its optimum form.

Self Esteem

Poorly aligned teeth can cause poor self confidence among children and adults alike. Teeth are a focus area in the face, and having them poorly aligned can leed to psychological trauma and avoiding social interactions among many individuals.