Maadi dentist knowledgable


Art Dentistry Maadi provides quality dental treatments based on scientific evidence. It is truly a dental practice where science meets art. All treatments are provided by highly qualified dental specialists with prestigious Master’s and PhD degrees from national and international universities. Our dental staff are teaching academic staff members with years of clinical experience in providing high quality dental care.

In a field where scientific advancements are being made on a day to day basis, the importance of being up to date with recent international dental guidelines can not be over emphasized. Being academic staff members, Dr. Islam and his team are constantly aware of these advancements and implementing them at ART DENTISTRY MAADI. This ensures a treatment that would provide long term satisfaction for our valued patients.



Dentistry is a medical field which not only addresses disease, but has an artistic side which is equivilantly important. Tooth bonding, dental prosthetic replacements and orthodontic treatments must provide a beautiful result in the end. We focus on our patient’s cosmetic needs and provide smiles that are beautiful and natural.

Moreover, as our dental centre carries the name “A.R.T” ,we closely pay attention to the concepts of “ Atraumatic Restorative Treatment” which means that we solve the current problems in teeth in using atraumatic methods “i.e without causing damage” to neighbouring healthy priceless tooth structure.



Infection control is a science which has its specific rules and guidelines. While performing dental treatments it is our priority concern to provide our patients with their beautiful smiles in a safe environment where the most advanced sterilization devices and methods are used. At Art Dentistry Maadi, all staff memembers work under strict infection control and sterilization protocols.

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