Art Dentistry Maadi provides quality dental treatments performed by some of the most talented and professional dentists in Egypt. Our Dental Center which is based in Maadi, Cairo, is designed to treat our patients in a tranquil and a safe environment. Our sterilization control procedures are to the highest level and most recent international safety guidelines.Dr. Islam is a maadi resident himself. Being a dentist in maadi and understanding the needs and demands of residents of such a lovely neighborhood, we are capable of satisfying both. We value each and every one of our patients and have created this website to help our patients understand the dental treatments we provide.

Feel free to browse through our website and we look forward to answering any of your queries by any of the methods present on our contact page.

Dentist in maadi providing teeth whitening.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Your Brightest Teeth by Tonight!
A bright, dazzling smile can light up any room and make people stop and admire. Zoom teeth whitening uses strong, yet gentle, light energy to whiten your teeth in just about an hour, as you relax… read more

Dentist in maadi providing porcelain veneers.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin shells of ceramic that attach directly to the front surfaces of the teeth. They are a perfect choice for enhancing your smile and have become increasingly popular due to their beauty and simplicity…read more

طبيب أسنان بالمعادي

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges as the name indicates bridge the space created by one or more missing teeth. They are the treatment choice to replace teeth when they are lost. Two or more crowns placed on either side of the space are the “anchoring teeth,” and they are attached… read more

Dentist in maadi providing teeth bonding

Teeth Filling

Teeth Filling is among the most effective and simple cosmetic dental procedures to improve a smile. The dentist applies a matching tooth-colored material to the tooth that he then enhances with a special light source device. This light ultimately “bonds” .. read more

Dentist in maadi treating gapped teeth

Gapped Teeth

Are you annoyed from seeing the spaces or gaps in between your teeth each time you look at your smile in the mirror? Are you set to get rid of them but don’t know how? Cosmetic dentistry has several solutions for treating … read more

Dentist in maadi providing smile makeovers.

Smile MakeOver

As the name indicates a smile makeover is a new smile that has been designed to look better in many ways. It may align crowded teeth, close gaps, reduce protrusion, whiten, reduce a gummy smile, widen a narrow smile, change the length or shape of teeth, replace missing teeth or any combination of the above….read more


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